Magnus Security (Macau) Ltd.

MAGNUS Security (Macau) Ltd - Services

MAGNUS Security (Macau) Ltd provides several types of services to our clients with the intention to ensure the best suitable one to our client's needs.



Security / Static Guards

Magnus Security (Macau) Personnel patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity. We protect the client's property, enforce laws on the property, deter criminal activity, and other problems.


Our personnel use various forms of telecommunications to call for assistance from police, fire, or emergency medical services. As company standard at the end of each shift our personnel write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shift.



Crowd Control

Crowd Controllers, as their name suggests, are used to control people in places where crowds occur.

In the past, this type of security personnel were, for the most part, untrained in proper crowd control techniques. In todays times however, crowd controllers must be properly trained to gain employment and work in the field.

The importance of proper crowd control techniques is paramount to ensure a situation does not get out of hand and create further problems for the client or their premises, and to ensure the safety of patrons. This is especially important where alcohol is consumed.

A Crowd Controllers duties may include ID checks, escorting people from a premises, access control, ensuring the safety of patrons at events and clubs, and to act as a visible deterrent.



Private Functions

If you need function security guards for your family function or birthday party, Magnus Security (Macau) services can provide you with very reliable security for private function. We can supply you a uniformed security for family function and birthday party security or our guards can be in civil clothing, if the client requires,in order to blend in.


Whether you need only one doorman or couple of security guards for private function or birthday party security guard, we have the right solution for you.



Special Events

Magnus Security (Macau) can also manage special events, where our personnel can preform several duties such as ticket taking, door monitoring, ushering, and working the barricaded areas in eventes as concerts, festivals, cultural shows, athletic events, conferences, speakers, campus movies, and graduations.


For that, our personnel at Magnus Security (Macau) make themselves familiar with the events surroundings, such as buildings and parking. Of course, in all events, Magnus Security (Macau) will always have a direct communication link to summon Police, Fire, or Medical aid.


Our personnel provide the following hospitality, safety, and security special event services:


- Provide guests with directions on where to enter the venue for the special event.
- Welcome guests as they arrive at the venue and assist in their registration.
- Assist guests with finding their seats and direct them to restrooms, payphones, and concessions.
- Monitor closed areas of the venue.
- Guard event equipment and vehicles.
- Monitor compliance with alcohol and amplified sound policies.
- Check backpacks and perform searches at designated events.
- Provide disabled transportation for handicapped members of your event to and from the venue.



V.I.P. Protection

High-profile individuals receive a lot of attention and some of it is unwarranted and unwelcome. Those people require security when making public appearances, when in transit and even in the privacy of their own homes. And while their security must be thorough and effective, it should also be discreet, maintaining comfort and privacy fot the client.


Corporate Security

Our services provided range from corporate security officers, investigations, debugging of office floor areas, computers and telephone systems.


Magnus Security (Macau) personnel are well presented, appropriately attired to clients needs and operate as low profile, highly trained operatives.


We can provide corporate security personnel for events including:


- Annual General Meetings
- Product Launches
- Black Tie Dinners
- Social Events
- Corporate functions
- Corporate Parties
- Corporate events
- Charity Auctions